Gamification of e-commerce

Inspired by the well know TV-show:

A game where players uses their gut feeling to asses what they think the value/price  of products and services.

Why is this so engaging?

It requires some skills. The more skills, the more rewards the player get. Everyebod has a relationship to priducts and prices

The business

Players find really cool products that they want to buy.

  • They buy in the connected e-commerce stores, using rewards from the game to deduct discounts.
  • Buy from the affiliates
  • Buy from a partner store

Product designers, brands, shops etc can quickly get an indication of the perception of price/value of a product, based on the choices the players do in the game. The result are sorted on demographics like age, gender and country/state.
A/B testing of design, colors, features of products

A plugin for for external stores


The game is web based.
– Mobile first approach

Facebook game
– You tube Live shows


  • SOME
  • The reward system will add extra rewards if players share a game with friends on social media.
  • In the game, you can challenge someone to play the same game against you.

Design of the game

  • Many «mini» games. The games are in categories. E.g : Fashion, Tools, Interiour, Cars, and so on
  • Every game has 20-30 products . You get  a reward point for every correct answer.  If you manage more the 80% correct you get bonus rewards.  
  • The points can be used to either join a weekly or daily raffle where you win product prices.  
  • Rewards can be used as a discount in our connected store(s)


    • The world, but country by country.  The games in local languages.  Local products for their country, local prize sponsors.

Start in US 


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